Head of the Hooch (2023) Boat Rental

$ 700.00
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***This is to secure your rental for the Head of the Hooch 2023 Regatta***

Thinking you'll need a boat for this year's Head of the Hooch? Don't delay. The sooner you lock in your rental request, the better. Make sure you have a quality shell come race day!

Each boat is rented per event and each rental will include shoes and scheduled practice times. Oars are not included with the rental.

When checking out please include the average weight of the crew in the "Order Notes".

Please select "Pick Up" at check out.

Boats will be accessible from our on-site trailers.

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Head of the Hooch (2023) Boat Rental

$ 700.00

Ahead, Off and On the Water

Every WinTech and King shell is built with a core philosophy of creating champion racing shells around time-honored hull design, down to the smallest parts of each boat. The same goes for accessories and beyond. Whatever your rowing needs happen to be, you will get the best from WinTech and King.