Zoom WinTech 4x/4- Hardware Complete

WinTech 4x/4- Hardware Complete

$ 1,649.00
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The complete set of hardware for WinTech quads and straight fours, top to bottom.

  • x1 Bow Ball Large - Fours, Eights, Rec Singles, Rec Doubles
  • x1 M3X30 Flat Head Self Tap Screw (for fastening Hatch Covers)
  • x2 M3 Washer (Hatch Cover) 
  • x1 M3 Nut (for hatch cover bolts 605)
  • x1 Bow Number Clip
  • x2 Large Hatch Cover
  • x25 M6X25 Hex Head Bolt Wing Rigger
  • x50 M6 Flat Washer for Rigger and Seat Wheels
  • x50 M6 Lock Washer for Foot Stretcher and Seat Wheels
  • x25 M6 Rigger Nut
  • x25 M6 Wing Nut Foot Stretcher
  • x16 Ball Bearing Wheel
  • x25 Snap-On Height Washer - Black - 6mm
  • x1 Carbon Fin with Integrated Rudder for 4s & 8s
  • x1 Carbon Rudder for Integrated Fin - 4s
  • x16 Stainless Steel Wire (Per Meter)
  • x2 Black Plastic Tube - 5X1 (Per Meter)
  • x1 Yoke for 2s & 4s
  • x2 D-Shackle
  • x2 Cable Clamp
  • x4 Cable Guide
  • x4 M4X9 Flat Head Self Tap Screw (for Seat Tops)
  • x4 M4 Flat Washer
  • x8 Foot Stretcher T-Bolt - 6X25mm
  • x4 Foot Stretcher T-Bolt - 6x45mm
  • x8 Sculling Outstay Oarlock with Pin - Complete
  • x4 Sweep Outstay Oarlock with Pin - Complete
  • x2 Backstay Long Tube - Port
  • x2 Backstay Long Tube - Starboard
  • x4 Nut Backstay - Standard Thread
  • x4 Nut Backstay - Reverse Thread
  • x4 Backstay Threaded Insert
  • x4 Backstay Threaded Foot - Wing Rigger, 260mm

WinTech 4x/4- Hardware Complete

$ 1,649.00

Ahead, Off and On the Water

Every WinTech and King shell is built with a core philosophy of creating champion racing shells around time-honored hull design, down to the smallest parts of each boat. The same goes for accessories and beyond. Whatever your rowing needs happen to be, you will get the best from WinTech and King.